Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Gardening by Thought
Thought I might use the weed & feed on the grass first thing this morning before I went to work. Did not happen.

Thought I might use the weed & feed on the grass tonight after I watered it. Did not happen.

Thought I might run the weedeater along the side edges to tidy them up. Did not happen.

Thought I might plant the Moonflower seeds. That did happen.

Thought does not do a lot of physical labor however it does give a sore and tired body a break.

I don't mind the muscles telling me I have worked hard, but I do mind the neighbor's two doors down who partied on their deck until 3am. Ugh don't they know most real people work.

Oh well I did notice the Lilac bush opening it's blooms and some other unknown flowering plant a friend dug up from her yard last summer because she thought it was dead. I can never give up hope on a plant so I stuck it in the dirt and now it has blossoms. Just never know what you will find in my yard, a lot of the plants are orphans that I take in. Hmmmmmmmmm maybe I should call my garden "The Orphan Plant Garden"

I became the proud owner of two rose bushes last summer in a much similar way ( I know Oldroses they are addicting) when I went to visit a friend. There on her deck were two rose bushes sitting roots bare to the blistering sun. "What are you doing with those I asked?" "Oh I am getting rid of them she informs me". Well being the beggar and the no plant toss away person that I am I was told to go ahead and take them.

Now if you are not aware of the climate here in Kamloops, British Columbia let me tell you this is Canada's wanna be desert region and we do get some extreme heat. OK now that the weather station commercial is done on with the story.

So these poor little bushes had been sitting with no water for a couple of days before I take them home, the weather being as hot as it was did nothing to encourage me to plant them ASAP so I filled the bucket they were in with water and there they sat for about 4 more days. When I finally got them planted they were pretty sorry looking, however a week later one started showing life and a month later buds were forming. What of the other poor orphaned bush you ask? Well a month to a month and half later it was showing about as much life as Mars or me the next day after a good party, and I was debating about pulling it out but thought, Oh well what harm will it do to leave it there until the spring just in case. Well I am glad I did because 2 weeks later there were leaves and then buds which developed into gorgeous roses. Photos of these bushes will follow when they bloom.

All I am saying is give plants a chance. (OK I know cheesy)

Footnote: I learned this spring roses like to be soaked good before being planted. LOL and I thought I had been cruel to them.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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