Saturday, December 31, 2005

Here I am at 9:10pm on New Years Eve doing a blog with a hockey game on in the other room. I have no life. We opted to not go out this year but I thought maybe we would crack a bottle of Rye or Baileys and sit together drinking and talking. Oh well at least we are together. Happy News Year to all!!

I had a great Christmas and recieved my very own digital camera from my honey. Oh joy I can now take pictures whenever I want and not wait for the other one to come home from trucking.

Here are a few I took of my decorated house.

My vanity which I used as a mini bar on Christmas Eve.

My famous decorated shower curtain. I Think it just gives the bathroom a little Chirtmas spirit.

My Granddaughters down east Chelsey & Ivy having a great time in their new electric cars.

Grandson Zayden on his daddy's (Cody) shoulders. He loved all the attention and would rather of ate the wrapping paper than play with his new toys.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Stop the Insanity

After reading Zoey's blog about doing a cookie exchange I got to thinking how crazy we sometimes get this time of the year.

For example on Saturday my sister called and asked that I take her shopping as she does not have a car. Agreeing to pick her up at around 10:30, we first head off to her bank and then into Zellers (a Canadian version of Walmart but smaller) where she finds some of the items she needs. We then venture into yet another strip mall to Canadian Tire which of course is now a nightmare as it is around 1. Parking at the far end of the parking lot we head into the store and accomplish what we went in there for.

I am an early morning person and usually get out of bed somewhere between 5-6am but I slept until 9 this morning. So needless to say there was no breakfast before this outing and by the time we got out of the store my stomach was wondering if my throat had been cut. We made a stop to a little fish & chip place to re-fuel. Then off again into a dollar store and a grocery store. There was no parking at all so I parked across the street and we walked. While in the dollar store my sister decided that her and her husband needed Christmas stocking. This is when I opened my big mouth and said "Buy some felt and I will make them". She just happened to have a gazillion yards of it at home, and she does not even sew or do crafts. By the time we finished all this and I had a much needed couple of coffees at her house I got back to my place around 5:30 where I proceeded to make dinner. Then I decided to I would make 2 batches of peanut brittle since I still needed to do 5 more. Once started however I did 5 batches that night just to be done with it all.

Sunday my legs were so sore and tired I did not get the stockings done. I did make them yesterday as well as four Christmas placemats.

I have now packed up all the Christmas materials and crafts so that I can concentrate on wrapping gifts and having a day or so to relax.
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Monday, December 19, 2005
Quackers My Pet Duck
I have adopted a duck named Quackers. You will find her at the bottom of my page. Quackers loves company and to be fed. Please visit her. She will talk to you when you click on her.

If you would like to adopt a pet click on the link below her.
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Friday, December 16, 2005
Almost There

Finally all the decorations are up and the house looks warm and sparkly. I love the feeling when it all comes together and the lights are put on and I can rest on the sofa. As usual I am always happy with the end results.

The tree lights were of course the pain in the ___________ that they normally are but the worse was the tangled up ornament hooks. I finally took them over to the kitchen counter where I layed out a dish towel and just shook them to help break up the tangled mess.

My main bathroom is even decorated. I have a white lace shower curtain in there so I attached red bows on the hooks as well as on the window curtain, and placed a scented sache of lace and ribbon filled with cinnamon potpourri on the counter inside a square gold trimmed candle holder.

All that is left for me to do is 4 batches of peanut brittle and wrap a few gifts.

We do a Christmas Eve get together every year since the two kids I have in town go to their inlaws for Christmas dinner. So all is ready to rock and roll for that.

I will post pictures at a later date and can hardly wait to see everyone elses.

My daughter has posted a recipe on Family Food Favorites for Reindeer food, so if anyone has small children or grandchildren you may want to check it out.

Bring on the fun I am ready!!!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Christmas Decorating According to Gen

Everyone has there own method of Christmas decorating. This is my method which is suitable for the busy person or the procrastinator, I am the latter. So here it is.

Day one:

Locate all the decorations, which in my case they are in four different places. Some are in my climb-in closet, so named because I have so much stuff in there it can no longer be called a walk-in closet, others are stored under my bed in plastic bins,as well as in an antique trunk and in the shed. The ornaments in the trunk are all my very fragile ones that I do not want anywhere else and once they are stored there the lid is closed and they are safe.

Now that all of these are located I bring them into the living room and open them, this way they will drive you crazy since everything is so visible. This helps to prevent the procrastinator from leaving it all there for too long.

Day Two:

Now that we have a nice mess in the living room or where ever else you decided to spread out it is time to tidy up a bit. The next step is to get out all the bowls, platters, etc. that you plan on using over the holidays, unwrap your bulbs and fill up the platters, bowls etc and place them all over the table tops, counters and so forth. This is also a good time to find hooks and put them somewhere handy so that when it is time to put up your tree there will be no frantic dash to the store to purchase some more. I myself have 2 or 3 unopened packages because I have done the frantic store run thinking I did not have any hooks only to discover them later.

Day 3:

Use all the boxes, containers etc., that have been emptied to store everyday ornaments, knick knacks and so on that are not required over the holiday season. Now you can put away all of these boxes and containers away and take a break. This gives your home the getting ready for Christmas feel.

Day 4:

Now that I have floor space once again I start placing various items around the house, such as the musical Santas, bows on my shower curtains, wreaths, well you get the idea. Leave all the bulbs where they are until you are ready to put up your tree. This is also a good time to toss in your favorite movie such as Christmas Vacation, It's A Wonderful Life or a good Christmas CD and maybe check out some eggnog to be sure you have the right mixing technique.

Day 5:

Now that wasn't so bad and today you get to put up your tree!! Of course if you are anything like me you will be calling yourself some pretty bad names while you untangle the lights for your tree. Every year I go through this and vow to put them away in some kind of orderly fashion so that they will not get tangled. However I never seem to be able to figure it out. So decorate your tree and have some fun. Once all the dishes containing the decorations are empty they can be washed and are then ready for use when company arrives, thus killing two birds with one stone so to speak. I am lucky enough to have a dish washer so 90% of them can go right into it along with my wine and drink glasses.

This is how I do my decorating so that I do not have to spend an entire day and then collapse from exhaustion.

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