Monday, April 25, 2005
More Roses & Numb Muscles
Whew it just about finished me off however I did plant the last two rose bushes tonight. I even remembered to put in some bone meal with these two. The poor baby I planted last night was somewhat neglected. I guess I will see just how hardy the rose bush really is.

Did not plant anything else tonight I cut the grass which is infested with the ever loving dandelions and then decided I better use some weed & feed before the neighbor's get a lynch mob together.

All that completed I cracked open an ice cold beer and sat on my deck with my dog Lucy and enjoyed the sun preparing to go down in a big ball of red. Gorgeous night.

Just a final note the roses I planted are Lambert Closse a pale pink, Winnipeg Parks Rose which is deep red, and finally the Morden Sunrise Rose which is yellow. This I think will be my favorite I have a passion for yellow roses. All of these I was promised by the kind lady at the nursery yesterday are very fragrant.

I'll keep you posted on the I am going to soak the seeds for my moonflowers so I can plant them tommorrow.

Happy gardening everyone.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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