Monday, April 25, 2005
More Screaming Muscles
Yahoo I got the arch put together finally and what a joke. I was just about finished with this only to realize that I was missing a couple of screws.........seriously. So into my car for a quick drive to Michaels where I had bought this, I explained my dilema and the girl at the cash register said "You will have to bring it back and we will give you a new one." I then told her it is all assembled except for these two screws and that I really don't want to go home and take it apart and come back. What is the difference if you take a couple of screws out of one you have here or if I bring mine back, you are still going to have an arch which is missing a couple of screws. She gave me a somewhat nasty look and called someone from customer service, who just walked over to the display and gave me two screws. Yikes that took about three minutes to satisfy a customer. Lesson learned "Always go to Customer Service first".

Anyways I then decided to stop at the nursery in that area to grab some lavender plants to place in front of the arch and the roses. Big mistake I ended up with 3 more rose bushes and killed what was remaning on my gift certificate given to me at Christmas. Oh well I have so many things on the go and plans for my yard this year that I really don't need to buy anymore flowers. I have more than enough packets of seeds and seeds collected from flowers in the fall that I should be set. And I could probably start a garden for someone else as well.

I am a self confessed plant-a-holic

I am happy with what I accomplished this weekend, the arch is up the two rose bushes are planted on either side as well as the lavender and the wooly thyme. I also managed to weed all the flower beds in the back garden as well and finally I can plant seeds tonight. That is if I can still move.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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