Sunday, April 24, 2005
Screaming Springtime Muscles
Here I am 7am on a Sunday morning trying to walk and move without causing any extra pain to my body. I went out to my yard yesterday around 8am to clear away the area where my friend was going to put up the trellis on my shed. This should of only been about a 5 to 10 minute little chore. However as every garden person knows this is usually impossible because there is always another quick chore we decide to do.

I looked at the my garden and once the overgrown weed laden garden was spotted I of course decided I had better do something about it. It took longer than I thought due to the fact that once you decide to do one small area there will be another one.

Pulling weeds and doing a general clean up kept me out there for about 3 hours, at which time I finally quit for a break. We get tumbleweed in this area and of course they do have pieces that break off and by this time I really had had enough off prickles in my fingers. Not to worry I was pretty much done.

My friends came over and put on the trellis up and we had a couple of beers chased with cold fruit soaked in Baja Rosa. Yummy.

Then a quick trip to the garden centre as my friends decided they needed another Lilic bush. Of course you can't visit a garden center without buying something. I came home with Wooly Thyme that is supposed to be hardy enough to take heavy traffic so I will plant this on the side garden as a path in the wildflower garden. Also purchased was a package of Moonflower seeds and Canterbury Bell seed, I know where I am planting the Moonflowers but the others hmmmmm may have to dig up another bit of yard.

While out there pulling weeds I decided I will create an area to place chairs and relax barefooted in the back garden, I will probably plant some more Wooly thyme there as well, since this wonderful little plant will also kill grass (less digging for me). I finally came into the house around 2:30 and showered up.

Well that's all for now I really must get the arch up and those two roses bushes into the ground.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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