Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Who or What got washed
Here it was a wonderful sunny day and my little red 2 door coupe Saturn was covered in a very thick layer of dust. So much that I had a hard time backing up safely. Playing my music loud with the sunroof open just is not right when the dust is blowing in.

So I came home had a quick bite for supper and proceeded outside to wash my car. Needless to say before I could start that I had to venture into the over stuffed,disorganized shed (all the last minute stuff I jammed in at the end of last summer) to locate the hose,nozzle,bucket and wash mitt. I had to pull out the lawn mower to get at this. Wellllllll maybe I should at least cut the front yard before it gets all wet. Cranked that sucker up and managed to do two swipes before it sputtered and died from lack of gas, so up the side yard back to the shed I go to get gas and notice the Yucca plants I put in a few days ago sure could use a drink. Mental note made. Back with the gas, filled the mower and on the way back to put the gas can back I decide I should cut this area too before watering those poor plants.
Cut the front yard, the side yard where I plan on planting my wildflower garden and then did the other side of the yard because it to is visible to the public.

Ah now to wash the car, into the house I wander to add soap in the bucket when I spy the miniature rose bush I got for my birthday in February, well I might as well plant that tonight before the garden gets wet. That accomplished I proceed to wash my car and I am happy to say it is now nice and shiny red the way Saturn meant it to be. I too of course got wet feet but oh well. Now I need to water the rose bush and the Yucca plants. The Yuccas being the furthest away of course get the first watering.... Ha you would think so however the siding on the house is also covered in dust so reaching up as high I could with the hose proceeded to soak down the siding and you guessed it myself included as the ice cold water ran right back down my arm. Brrrrrrrr at least I did manage to get the plants watered after all that, and the back gardens too since I happened upon the sprinkler in the shed.

I just find it incredible how much work I discovered I need to do by just wanting to wash my damn car. Ah the joys of spring.

Now if you'll excuse me I am going to go and get a shower and something dry on.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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