Thursday, May 26, 2005
Another Planting Frenzy
I have read other garden blogs and it holds true "That I too am a sucker for plants" My friend and went to Walmart today so she could buy herself a few things for her new home. Of course we needed to go into the plant section as she wanted to get a planter for her deck, mistake number one was that I followed her there like a lamb to slaughter.

I promised myself I was not going to buy anything not even a packets of seeds! Oh who was I trying to fool, I am a Garden Addict. By the time we left I had 12 Dahlia plants 6 red and 6 yellow. Oh come on they were on sale only $1.87 for six. Not too bad eh? Well they also had alyssum plants on 6 for $0.99 so I had take advantage of that too.

There really was some reasoning behind this small splurge on plants. I do not like the way the area around the lilac bushes I recently planted looks, so I decided I would dig around them and plant all these newly acquired flowers there. Oh can you just picture how beautiful it will all look?

This did not happen, I forgot how hard that strip of dirt is so after trying to get one hole dug I gave up and dispersed the Dahlias around in three different garden areas and planted the alyssum in the front garden as a filler. While I was doing this and pulling weeds I noticed my miniature rose bush is loaded with blossoms. I don't know how the poor little thing will hold them all up when they open.

My neighbor has her Clematis plant in full bloom with huge flowers so I am going to go over and get some pictures tomorrow night. I hope mine are even half the size.

Everything got another good watering and I resisted the urge to check the seeds I planted last night.

Gaze at the stars and take a deep breath of the scented air
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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