Sunday, May 29, 2005
Early Morning Gardening
What can be better than going out into your garden first thing in the morning? I got a good early start today as I know we are in for a really hot one, you could find me outside this morning at 6:am. It was wonderful and cool enough to get a lot of nice quiet labor in, I don't think my neighbors would of been happy had I turned on the weed eater so early.

I took my coffee and my little dog out and started pulling weeds all the while listening to the birds who I am sure were waiting for me to put seeds into the ground. I got about 98 percent of the weeds pulled and all the sweet peas tied up to the lattice work and I am hoping they will now start climbing the lattice on their own. After doing this I rediscovered the Russian sage I put in there when I first started a small garden three years ago. This is going to be moved somewhere else I think as it tends to get buried amongst the sweet peas. Also are couple of other plants that I have forgotten about in fact I forget what they are.

The morning smells are great I just relaxed and took lots of breaks so that I could just inhale the morning and look around. Everything is springing to life.

Here is a picture of what I started with my first year here. As I look at it, I thinks it seems a little sad.

garden 2003 2

However I guess it was a start and did not seem too bad at the time. I am amazed how much bigger it grew last year.

garden 2004 3

As you can see in this second photo the garden now extends around the back fence as well.

One of my orphan rose bushes bloomed yesterday however it is not that grand and something has been at the leaves. I guess I will have to spray although I don't like to.

Also got some work done at the side of the house where the wild flower garden is starting to go in. This was put off for too long I think so I am not sure if I will get the desired results. The whole project became so daunting that I kept avoiding it until I decide instead of trying to do it all at once I will just work my way up from the front arch. Once that was decided I have been giving it a good half hour daily.

Little steps make big gardens.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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