Sunday, May 08, 2005
Garden Tools
Ah the scent of fresh cut grass. I am so happy (and my neighbors are too) we went and got my new lawn mower yesterday as well as a weed eater. What a chore that turned out to be, the first decision is what type to buy. One with a bag, one without a bag,one that mulches, one that is push or a self-propelled lawn mower. And don't get me started on the prices, I refuse to pay or have my other half pay $500. in order to cut my grass, we settled on a bagger that was in the middle price range. After making that decision we paid them and had them load the huge box into the back of the pick-up. Anxious to get home and do the yard before the heat of the day was upon us we went straight home and unloaded the equipment only to discover they had given us the wrong one! Back into the pickup this huge box went and off we went to the store to get this fixed. Of course I had to go in to see the store and to customer service (remember I have figured out to go there 1st from now on) while my other half stayed in the truck to keep watch on the huge box with the lawn mower. It is now around noon and the store has twice as many customers so I wait in line which is somewhat disturbing because everyone is lined up at the customer service desk was either returning or exchanging something, (about 6 people in line me included)finally it is my turn so I explain my dilemma, we go to the pickup to bring in the huge box and set about getting me the correct one, only to discover they have one left and it is the floor model. No problem I agree to take it and out the door I go with it all assembled and with a thing of oil which apparently comes with it. The original sales person did not advise us that oil comes with it, so of course we had paid for some, oh well I have extra no big deal. The beauty of taking the already assembled floor model is now I did not have to figure out what to do with the huge box later. Although I realize now I do not have any warranty papers. Back home we head and I figure it still is not too hot so plan on using both of these new toys ASAP. Wrong I had company waiting for me so by the time I got around to cutting the grass and doing the trimming it was going on 2pm and it was hot.

But WOW the lawn looks so much better now that it is cut and trimmed up. Also the dandelions are shrinking away after the use of weed & feed. Nice to see more green than yellow and white in the lawn.

Here is something you might like if you are in the market for a weed eater we found one that runs off a re-chargeble battery. No more cords to drag around and worry about just charge the battery and this slap it onto the weed eater and away you go. I do not have an outlet at the back of my place so I have been using shears which works fine mind you but takes so long. This was such a treat to get it all done quickly and then still have time to play in my gardens. We were also considering getting a battery charged lawn mower since they were on sale for about half price, however they were all out of stock and we were told it might be two weeks or longer for them to get more. I did not want to wait that long.

Having said all this and having a freshly manicured lawn I am going to plant, plant and plant today.

Oh did I mention that I was given an old gate that has lattice in the middle. So what you are probably thinking, well here is the latest brain storm I have come up with. I am going to prop this up on its side and plant a rambling rose on it. I did think about doing a whitewash on it however it is a very pale gray color so I will skip that and just figure out how to get it to stand up.

On and On it goes, I wonder if I will get to all the things I want to do this summer.

Enjoy the smell of the flowers.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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