Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Lazy Days & Nights
I could scream. I spent all weekend getting the weeds in my gardens and in the grass under control so that I could just plant and enjoy some easy time outside through the week. Ha! Ha! The joke is on me I arrived home last night to see that my yard is a big mass of yellow dandelions and white seed bearing heads. The rain that came Monday and Tuesday was just what they needed to bloom all over the place. And to top that up the grass has also grown to a good 2" taller than normal.My guess is this is due to the weed & feed I used.

So what is the problem with having very lush lawn you ask? The problem is that on Friday night my lawn mower gave a big bang and then died leaving me stranded so to speak and wondering "Should I buy a goat and get free lawn cutting and fertilizer?" Or "Should I use my shears?" I borrowed my neighbors mower instead. My other half is going to buy me a new lawn mower for mothers day. Ah Spring Romance LOL.

Sure wished I had gotten my seeds planted they would of loved this rain. Of course I did get the seeds for the Moon flowers planted so its a start sort of.

My friend came over last night to cut some lilacs to take to her mom. She scouted out my yard since this is the first time she has ever seen it and made some startling observations. The first being that the Climbing Dortmund I planted last year is too far away from the arch. I panicked thinking I would have to dig this up and re-plant the rose bush and I hate to disturb it since it seems so happy where it is. Oh course then I realized that this arch can just be moved over 2" without any effort. Man I scare me sometimes when things come into my head in a logical manner. The second comment was that one of the orphaned roses I acquired last year (I thought it was doing good) is dead at the main branch? And that I need to cut that part away because it is not blooming to its potential. This is the one I was going to pull up last year. And the third comment, again on my roses, was that once again one of the rose bushes that I planted this year is too far away from the arch as well. All the while she was telling me this I watched her take a clip here and there to prune them up. I will not dispute what she was saying or doing as I know she took courses and worked in a nursery for a couple of years. But hell I think if they are blooming what the heck. Maybe I should be more concerned about these things but I just want to have fun and not over think it too much.

On the brighter side on Sunday evening prior to the rain starting I went out to move my sprinkler and there were two Robins playing in the water, I got to watch them for awhile until they noticed me and took off.

Now my question for the day "Does anyone know of a plant that will help keep cats out of the garden?"

That's all for today I am still trying to figure out where to plant my new Lilac bush.

Keep digging up your lawns and plant lots of flowers.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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