Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Mission half accomplished?
Well I did not get it all done. I did get the area by the three rose bushes cleared and Lily of the Valleys planted around them and in a few other spots. The six white snap dragons are nestled into the ground. Only six you say? Not a chance my friend and went to Walmart and they were selling six plants for $1.87 and of course who can decide between white, pink or orange snap dragons, so we both purchased six white ones each and then six each of the orange and pink. We are both now going to have three pink and three orange, however my friend took them home so I do not have to worry about planting them until tomorrow.

Weed pulling when you are up to elbows in mud is a given so needless to say I did a good amount of that tonight. The Lilac bushes I have been assured will be OK in their pots for a week or two as long as they get water. I set them in the garden on the stepping stones so they are not going thirsty.

My iris are still teasing me with the promise of glorious blooms, however not one of them have opened although all my neighbors' gardens are blooming.

The pansies are now spreading, other forgotten plants are making their way back such as the dusty millers, hens and chicks etc. I am also in the process of waging war against the dill that keeps appearing, it is as bad as the dandelions.

Also I am back once again fighting the battle trying to kill off the Alberta Wild Rose that keeps threatening to take over yard and garden. Last year I dug right to the root, or I thought I did and poured Round up in the ground, did not do a thing, I am going to try vinegar. It's not that they are ugly its just they are totally invasive.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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