Monday, May 09, 2005
Oh Oh It's Addicting
Here we go the complete addiction has taken hold. Come on people you know the one, The Garden Addiction. Unlike other addictions this one is not a danger to your health, it is however a danger to your wallet and your time.

It is an addiction that progresses slowly. First time you get a small area outside that is yours, all yours to do what you like, be it a small balcony, patio or yard that is when the first signs start to appear. Sometimes it is very subtle and you may not notice it, it starts on a sunny day and you have the urge to move one or two of your house plants outside for some sun, or you go shopping into an area of your favorite store that you swore you would never venture into and BAM you walk out of there laden with planters, soil and a ton of flowering plants to put on your deck.

What's the problem here you are probably wondering. Well that is the start, as the season progresses and you may be sitting on your deck with your new flowering planters when your eyes stray to a little corner of the yard and you say to yourself "Hmm a few flowers over there would sure brighten up my yard and I don't have to make it big" "I won't get crazy like some of those other people" Off you go once again, to a nursery maybe, because everyone knows the people there can get you started with low maintenance plants. Perhaps you buy 4-6 flowers and wander back home only to discover that you have not bought enough to make the area look the way you want. Or maybe you bought more plants than the area you dug and primed can hold, not wanting to waste money you either enlarge that area or OH NO you dig and prime a whole new area to place the excess plants in.

It continues on slowly like this, when you think you have done enough and all looks wonderful you take a rest, crack open a beer, pour a glass of wine etc. and sit down to enjoy the fruit of your labors. Big Big mistake "That area needs something I just can't figure it out". "HMMM maybe I will just look around a different nursery tomorrow and see what they have, but I won't buy anything."
Roses on Sale oh no.

Now you are hooked your evenings and weekends are consumed with working in the garden, or plotting another area while you rest your sore muscles. Reading gardening books, watching gardening show, or surfing the net for great ideas while it pours rain also consumes your free time. Being an addict the rain doesn't bother you after all it is good for the garden(s).

I am a prime example I went out tonight to turn on my sprinklers and did not come in until it was near dark and the mosquitoes were using me as a their own private buffet.

Say EEK at the worms but let them be.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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