Monday, May 30, 2005
Pain & Pleasure
Today I have only had a quick tour of my garden and only because I noticed a show of red from the Climbing Dortmund as I was leaving for work this morning. The first thing I did once I got home and changed was to visit my back yard where sure enough the rose bush has produced a bloom. I did manage to snap a quick photo of this rose and a few other things before the batteries in my camera died, so they will be posted later. This is the pleasure.

When I got to work this morning one of my co-workers (the one that was snipping and advising me on my roses) gave me a book on roses complete with a CD to borrow. This also was a pleasure. Here is the pain I do not have enough room in my yard to plant the 20 - 30 roses I fell in love with. Big Sigh.

Nothing was done outside tonight since as soon as I came back indoors the sky opened up with big claps of thunder and bolts of lightning, with of course a down pour of rain. Oh well now I do not need to water and I can rest my sore joints. I guess helping with the pool and doing all the weeding over the weekend caught up to me.

No big deal I am going to go and crawl up with the book of roses and a mug of green tea, the name of the book is Bontanicas Roses / The Encyclopedia of Roses. This goes A-Z. I may even pop in the CD and check it out.

Here is an insert from the Forward of the book written by David Austin

Few flowers can equal it for massed effect throughout the summer-but it is the individual bloom that makes it the "Queen of Flowers"

And oh yes before I forget I had a reply to a previous post "Name this Bush" and guess what it is not Jacqueline, Willard, Molly etc. It is a Weigela. I then checked on the web and found a photo so thank you to the anonymous reply.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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