Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Planting Marathon
Well I decided that if I did not get off my lazy butt there would be very bare gardens this year. After a power dinner I went outside armed with my many packets of seeds, the purchased ones, the donated and saved one and the scrounged ones.

Planted on this fine hot evening (30c sorry I don't know the conversion for my American buddies) were marigolds, wildflower, baby breaths, alyssem both white and purple, a mixture called old fashion flower garden (another surprise somewhere along the line), poppies, nasturtium jewel mixture, some unknown seeds for a beautiful plant that gets purple flowers with white all over it, and you know a ton of others that I can not remember now. I love to garden however as you can tell I really do not keep track very well of what I am planting. This is why I drive my friend/neighbor crazy she knows everything that goes into her garden and where. I like all the surprises I get through the season, although I must admit it might make weeding easier if I knew what was where, but I am good about figuring out the dandelions and dill.

Everything got a very good watering and for once there was good water pressure so it did not take to long. While I was placing the sprinkler in the front yard to get the lilac bushes some moisture I checked my two bargain roses and YAHOO they both have started to get leaves.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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