Friday, May 27, 2005
Pool setup
Not much done in my yard tonight except for cutting the lawn and watering we hit a temp. of 90F too hot to do much.

I wandered over to take the promised picture of my neighbor's clematis.

pool May 27,2005 003

I then went on to help my other neighbor with setting up a pool for their son Riley. We actually had to dig up the sod and level it and although we got a good bit done we had to quit due to mosquitoes and lack of light. Here we are still plugging away in the dark.

pool May 27,2005 007

Am I the only one who has real bad garden shoes? These sneakers cost me a $1.99 about 5 years ago and I could not pass up the opportunity to share them, so take a look at these they are well broken in and usually stay on my feet for about 10-15 minutes once I get outside. I have totally given up gloves in the garden unless I need to pull thistles.

pool May 27,2005 009

To bad you can't see the tattoo I have on my leg in this shot but maybe another time. These poor shoes are well worn.

Now I want to see pictures of other peoples garden shoes. Yes it is a challenge for those brave enough to show their worse foot wear.

Changing the subject I have a red snapdragon blooming that I don't recall planting last year and lots of other mystery plants coming to life.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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