Thursday, May 05, 2005
Sun & Rain
What a glorious night to putter around outside, dark rain clouds and sun streaking through them, cool breeze and no hard labor. As you recall I am without a lawn mower so the grass is tall and I don't feel guilty since I can't cut it anyways.

My little dog Lucy loves it she gets right into rolling around and moaning when it is this long.

Here is a picture of her sort of she is afraid of the camera so I can never seem to capture her face.

Picture 028

I fixed the problems with the all the roses which were planted to far from the arches and the miniature rose in the front garden the I noticed was not in deep enough. And of course being a good curious garden person strolled around to see what and what is not up in my gardens. The mystery plant which I have now identified as a Columbine is blooming, my iris are ready to burst open at any point in time, the lilac bush still looks great and I am going to bring some inside tomorrow, the bleeding heart has more blooms, and finally I am very happy to say that the last three rose bushes I purchased have all developed leaves and hold promises of great blooms. Funny thing is,these are three rose bushes my friend found no fault with.

I am worried about the two bushes I planted by the arch I just put up they are not showing any signs of life. But hey maybe the $6.17 bushes from Walmart take longer to get started. Just in case they decide not to do anything I have planted Moon Flower seeds on each side of the arch, and if all else fails I will go back to Walmart and buy plastic vines and flowers. Take a breath that is a joke.

Also I am happy to report that I did finish the cobble stone area under the front arch and sprinkled some flowering thyme seeds in between the rocks. I have been trying to grow this for two years but with no luck, so taking no chances this time I put a real hefty amount of seed on and mushed it aroung in the soil. Just for good measure the sprinkler is going in that area because the roses and the lavender need a good drink too. The soil I have is really sandy so a little sun sure dries things out in a hurry.

Keep your nails dirty and wear dark nail polish.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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