Saturday, May 14, 2005
What a Blooming Day
And I really mean that. The yellow iris have taken right off in the back yard the purple ones are blooming happily in the front yard. I have decided that come fall I am going to mix them up a bit so I will have both colors in both yards. Mind you I did not know I had the yellow iris until this year as a friend gave them to me.

The bush I cannot remember the name of has started to bloom. I will post a picture tomorrow and maybe someone can give me a name for it other than "the cool bush with pretty pink flowers."

Today I tackled the planting of the four lilac bushes. Man what a job! First I soaked the area where I was planning on planting for a good half hour thinking this would make the job easier. Wrong. I set out with spade in hand and to my surprise it was as solid as a rock, I did manage to get a dent in the first planned hole so I stuck the hose in there for another twenty minutes or so, should be good enough you'd think, no way, I then had to wait 10 or 15 minutes longer for the water to absorb into the ground. Finally I managed to get the first lilac into the ground. I went on to the second spot and was a bit wiser as I waited for the water to sink in I dug the third and then the fourth hole. I decided to take a break before planting the second lilac and as I stood there wasting time I felt pain all over both my legs. Looking down I quickly realized that the fourth hole I dug contained an ants nest and they were all over me biting. Let me tell you I was glad to have the hose right there, after getting them off of me I drowned the little beggars, or at least I hope I did.

Also nestled into the ground are two Russian Sage both placed at the back of the front arch and a couple thyme with little white blossoms placed front of the lavender by the same arch. I am working on this front area and then gradually up the side of the house to get the wildflower garden going. However I hope I have not left it too long.

The trellised gate that was given to me last weekend I have decided is going kitty cornered in the back garden by the fence and shed. If I do not find a rambling rose that I like this year I will plant some sweetpeas or something for this summer. This will take care of a messy area that I cannot get to easily once the garden takes off, so hopefully it will suffice for this season.

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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