Monday, June 20, 2005
Bloom View
I managed to get the rocks I wanted for the small rock garden on Saturday, however it continued to pour rain so they were just dropped close to the area where I planned on using them. Here we are in the middle of June and it was so miserable outside I actually made a stew for dinner. No big deal about the weather though I got lots of house cleaning and movie time in.

Yesterday was a treat though it started out with dark clouds by noon it had cleared off and felt like an early spring day. After my other half left for another week of trucking I went outside and cleared the area for the rock garden, right now all that is there is the plastic and the rocks because being the rocket scientist that I am I never thought to get any dirt. This means a trip either on my lunch break or after work to Walmart. Oh oh.

Lots of things are blooming, daylilies, snapdragons, roses, the mountain flower, my mystery plant, the alyssum, phlox, daisies (my oldest daughters favorite), my clematis. So first thing this morning I went out and snapped a few pictures to share.

June 20,2005 003

This is the Winnipeg Parks rose I put in this year.
The baby breath I planted around this rose is starting to grow, but I think the roses may finish blooming by the time they really take off, I will have to remember to put the seeds in earlier next year.

June 20,2005 004

The mountain flower in the very weedy garden. I am leery of getting right in there to weed as there are some seedlings coming up that I don't want to step on but I will figure it out tonight because it does look awful.

June 20,2005 002

The Morden Sunrise rose in full bloom. Those are not weeds around it that is the Baby breath trying to survive.

June 20,2005 008

My Clematis finally in bloom I am sure the white one I planted with this one is dead.

And finally one more photo of a flower most people love the famous Snapdragon.

June 20,2005 006

I am not sure why this is such a pleasing flower but I suspect it is partly because the snapdragons are usually just such a unassuming presence in a garden and remind us of mothers, grandmothers, and the gardens we seen as children. I do love them and plan on planting some more next year.

On the dangerous side of life one of our major nurseries is relocating to the other side of town and they have started a 30% off sale to clear their stock. I work three blocks away from there so I am not going to wander over for the dirt I need because I know what will happen.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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