Monday, June 06, 2005
Cats, Dogs & Wascly Wabbits
Ok this blog is going to help Old Roses I hope. We had torrential rain here yesterday afternoon so being the garden addict that I am I went to the store and headed straight to the magazine rack where I decided on two magazines to buy. Since I couldn't and didn't want go out in my yard anyways I figured that I could at least settle in with a couple of good gardening magazines.

Once I was all settle into my pj's and onto my favorite chair I started leafing through the pages. Here is where the help is coming from for Old Roses the 1st magazine (Easy-care Landscaping)has information on what plants to put into the garden to help keep out dogs,cats, deer and little fluffy bunnies. Here are the lists

1) Avoided by rabbits: calendulas, chrysanthemums, columbines, four o'clock, foxglove, gladiolus, hollyhocks, impatiens, iris, larkspur, morning glories, nicotina, snapdragons, sweetpeas and verbena

2) Avoided by deer: ageratum, begonias, chrysanthemums, columbines, coreopis, cosmos, foxglove, iris, lavender, monarda, purple coneflower, rudbeckia, Shasta daisies,verbena, vinca, yarrow and zinnias

The article says that unless the rabbits and deer are starving they will not eat these, it goes on to advise to plant these on the edges of the garden and your prized flowers in the center of the garden since both the deer and rabbit nibble on the edges of the garden furthest from the buildings. FYI this magazine is an American publication in case anyone wants to buy it.

Now for those wonderful cats and dogs we can plant the scented coleus to repel them as well and here is the web site to visit to find a dealer closest to you This plant is dicribed as having attractive thick, silvery leaves and blue blossoms.

I sure hope this helps.

Here is a photo of my miniature rose bush in the front garden backyard May 15,2005 008

Click on the picture for a better look.

I was given more iris to put along the side fence and I think that is all I need now although I do want to also do the side of the house with them as well. I am going to mix a few lilies between them in the fall for some extra blooming time next year. Three small evergreens (which I am allergic to)were left on my doorstep as well as some wild flowers so I will be busy tomorrow night if the rain will let up long enough for me to plant.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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