Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Die hard Gardner
Call me crazy but after three days of continuous rain I was getting antsy about not being outside. So in the rain at 6:15 am this morning I donned my favorite gardening shoes, a jacket, clipped up my hair and ventured outside.

First things first I rolled up the hose and sprinkler because clearly this is not an item I need out in the yard at the moment. Having done that I carted the four big pots of Iris over to the side of the house and proceeded to plant every one of them despite the rain snaking down the back of my neck and making it's way down my back. I then decided to take a quick tour of the gardens to see how many weeds where around before it really start coming down. Really I was already soaked and a slight shiver was starting to take over my body. So with dripping hair, wet shoes and clothing I proceeded. I must admit this was not the usual slow stroll and admiration time that I normally have, it was more like a small sprint.

The Morden sunrise rose bush has about six orange buds on it teasing me with promises of a wonderful display of flowers if the sun ever decides to make an appearance again, also the climbing Dortmund has produced some great flowers, but with the rain I have been really unable to be out there to admire them, my miniature rose in the front garden has opened all of its buds and looks splendid and those at least I can adore while getting in and out of my car while coming and going to work. Everything is starting to bloom or on the verge of blooming and I am not worried about the excess weeds because once the sun comes back out I will deal with them and take the time to enjoy the flower show.

As my mother always said when we complained about going out into the rain.....

"You're not made of salt"

And thank goodness I am not because as soon as I got back in the house I headed straight to a warm shower. Ah gotta love being able to turn a tap which produces hot water.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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