Monday, June 13, 2005
Evening Garden Walk
First I'd like to thank the people who have shown off their garden shoes, Oldroses, Live Love Laugh and the Obsessive Gardner. I know there must be others so please don't be shy flash those shoes.

I have resolved the problem with my license at work so once again I am able to do what I do.

The ritual evening chore of watering the yard/gardens was left late tonight as I was downloading the bloglines site and chatting to my daughter on line. As I was doing what all gardeners do I was checking the great job of weeding I did yesterday. No really to be honest I was seeing if any of the latest seeds I planted 48 hours ago have grown. You all know what I am talking about I have read the confessions on your blogs. Well to my surprise and delight the alyssum has started to bloom, I have about 4 little flowers and more coming, these were not there yesterday when I was weeding, only the white has started to bloom I can hardly wait for the purple, and I was thinking of buying some because I was getting inpatient for the flowers in that spot. Also in bloom now is the daisy in the garden by my deck and the Melva is stating to gets some leaves on it.

Here is a picture of my miniature rose in the front garden.

Bunch of blooming 018

I hope the one I planted this year survives it has a nice pink rose on it.

The side garden is very slow getting started but if nothing else it will be set up for all the biennials to bloom next year as well as the iris and lilies along the fence line and the side of the house. I seen some great stepping stones made from resin at Walmart that look like cobble stones for about $6.00 each so I may get some for the pathway when they go on sale.

I asked around for some big rocks because I have a real eyesore at the corner of the fence in the front yard and the neighbor never helps to keep it tidy. Here's what is looks like right now

Bunch of blooming

What I plan on doing is cutting all the grass and weeds back and maybe some of the dead branches on the tree, lay down some landscaping paper, place some big rocks in the area and plant some good groundcover.Any good ideas on fast growing ones that won't take over the entire lawn? Hopefully it will all take and I won't have to look at this every time I go out into the front yard. Man some neighbors drive you crazy, this is the same one who has bug (aphid)infested Virginia creeper that grows over my fence. He caught me cutting it off my side of the fence a couple of weeks ago and told me I should get him to do it, I just replied that I only cut on my side because I can't stand the bugs when I am working over there. He went away not a happy camper but what can you do I was not rude I just stated a fact.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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