Thursday, June 02, 2005
A garden stroll
We have a break in the rain finally with some sun coming through the clouds. My poor back which I managed to strain on the weekend helping with the pool is finally feeling better, so I think having not been able to do yard work was a blessing as I did rest.

I could not resist going for a walk through the yard to see what is happening out there.

Here's what I discovered. Blooming sweet peas,rose buds bursting forth, snapdragons in bloom, some kind of ground cover I planted last year has produced the tiniest little yellow flowers, weeds, sprouting seeds for the wild flower, poppy seeds coming up, the baby's breath may be coming through as well but there are so many weeds in that area I can't be sure, day lilies opened, one of the dahlia in bloom, numerous leaves on the $6.17 climbing rose bushes finally.

I have one dead dahlia, some foreign plants coming up, but all in all I think most plants are holding their own. The grass is very green and very thick, yikes there goes my back again.

More destruction of leaves on the rose bushes in the back so I really must spray this weekend if it dries up outside.

I currently have all my windows wide open to enjoy the fresh smell of the air which is being blown around by a soft breeze. Ah life is good.

I thought about going out to pull a few weeds but I will rest one more night. This weekend I am going to just cut the grass and enjoy the gardens as they are.

Here are some pics I took the other day of some of my gardens.

pool May 27,2005 012

In the background to the right are my sweet peas going crazy just before they bloomed.

Here is a picture of the first rose on the climbing Dortmund, however it is not a very good one.

pool May 27,2005 011

Finally here are some funky flowers that have come up in the front garden through the lilies, and of course once again I have no idea what they are.

pool May 27,2005 013

They are nice and I either planted them last year or they blew in from somewhere.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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