Friday, June 24, 2005
I am sick of rain
I have had it I really don't mind the rain so much but thunder and lightning totally freak me. We had an office golf thing today, and I have to admit I really don't care for the game, and I really don't like it when thunder and lightning are happening while I am out in the open. However having survived this trauma we all proceeded to the covered deck at the club house and were enjoying a drink and a few laughs when all of a sudden there was one horrendous bang as lightning hit a nearby transformer. Before I realized it I was shouting almost hysterically " I hate this shit" Thankfully most of the group had been drinking out on the course so they all had a big laugh. I was more than a little embarrassed and then had to explain why it terrifies me so much. This is a childhood thing from Ontario where I once witnessed a cow getting hit as well as a few trees.

The skies opened up and it rained so hard that the roads were being flooded. I have been having a water problem in my driveway since January and the park management has yet to do anything about, in fact the last time I mentioned it to the manager she told me it couldn't be that bad. Well the driveway is starting to sink and when I got home tonight I had to use the back door because of the water level by the stairs. Here are a couple pictures I took

water problem June 24,2005 002

water problem June 24,2005 001

I am just livid when I called the manager tonight and told her something has to be done she just told me that she would see to it Monday, I was going to tell there will be no pad rent until it was fixed but decided I better wait until I calm down. ARRRGGGGH I just want to scream. And that is my big gripe for the day. Inhale Exhale

Good news is the torrential rains and hail did not destroy my gardens.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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