Wednesday, June 15, 2005
A Little bit of garden chatter
I am going to have to send someone into the stores for me to get only those things I require. I can not be trusted if there is a plant department. When I left work tonight I went up to Walmart to drop off a film to be developed. Baby pictures. After being told it would take 2 hours I decided to look around and see what there was. Big Big mistake I walked out of there with about 20 plants, mind you some were in containers holding 6. All but 3 got planted tonight and they will be going into the small rock garden I am going to do this weekend at the front of the house. Most of what I got are annuals just to fill in some spots, petunias, nicotina, that sort of thing.

I was reading Snappy's blog and he mentioned the tranquility of a garden after a stressful day at work. I could not agree more I love to go out there at any time of the day and just putter or sit with a cup of coffee. I now have a plastic lawn chair out there, since the wooden ones are to heavy to always lug around.

Here is a discovery that I have just made since I am on the topic of tranquility in a garden. One of the garden magazines I have just purchased has a story in it about a Taoist Garden which is usually fairly small but planted in a very calm manner and most of them are in between buildings. The very exciting part about this article is they are showing all these wonderful photos and you just want to be part of it and explore. Well this particular Taoist Garden is in Vernon,B.C. only an hour away from where I live. Guess where I will be going very shortly? I promise if we are allowed I will take lots of photos to share.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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