Monday, June 27, 2005
More rain, More weeds
I can not believe this it is pouring rain once again. We did get a dry weekend which allowed me to go out and pull all the weeds. This took me the full 2 days since they of course just love the rain and grow fast.

I was going to take pictures last night of the gardens since they looked so good being weed free and all but then I decided I would cut the grass tonight after work so all would look great. Big mistake it is raining and that will not happen unless the weather clears up.

On the planting side of things I put in the remainder of my alyssum seeds along the border of one of the back gardens, the rest of the baby's breath seeds, purchased another Shasta daisy, 2 carnations (pink & white combo), 2 pansies which are red with white trim, 2 red begonias. Yes I went to the nursery that is moving locations, can't help myself.

Also put into the ground (freebies) were numerous portulacas, 4 yarrow plants, some more lavender, and then about 6 other plants all the same that I can't remember the names of. These mystery plants actually grow into a small bush with very dark maroon colored leaves which then go red through the fall. I have planted them in various area in the back gardens hoping that they take off and then can be transplanted to the front yard in between the lilac bushes. I also had some carnation cuttings given to me about two weeks ago that have been in water and since they seem to of grown good roots I placed them into the ground as well. I have not had any luck with carnations what so ever but now I am thinking with four of them at least one should survive. Maybe all this rain will help all the newly planted flowers and seeds take root. Here's hoping. I also moved a stray pansy which was growing in the grass and placed it into a garden.

I have identified 3 mystery plants in one of the back gardens they are Black-eyed Susan's. Actually my friend who gave me these last year reminded me what they are, they were pretty sad last year after being re-planted but they are now about two feet high and waiting to bloom. The hollyhock has bloomed and looks great. I noticed that the dusty millers have grown twice the size they were last year and they have buds on them. This was a big surprise to me since I had no idea they even flowered so I can hardly wait to see what kind of flowers they have. Also another plant I did not realize would flower is one of my hens & chicks, I thought it was some kind of mutant plant since it shot up into the air and looks a little perverse, however it too is going to do some kind of flowering. Both these plants are just ones I used last year to fill in space on the ground and never really gave them any thought, in fact the dusty millers I thought would not come back at all after the winter but were left in the garden because I did not have a chance to take them out in the fall. Lots of other plants are growing from seeds planted which I am anxious to discover as well. And of course the roses are all looking great in spite of the leaves being chewed. The red Winnipeg rose bush has a very strong fragrance that fills the area without having to even bend down to smell.

I am going to move my Russian sage to the side of the house because it is totally lost in the sweet peas, however I am not sure if I should wait until the fall or if I can do it now. Any ideas?

If it is not absolutely pouring rain tonight I am going to take pictures tall grass and all to get them posted. Until then happy planting.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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