Tuesday, June 28, 2005
My Lily List
I have decided I want to get some of the awesome Citronella Lilies I seen on Oldroses's site and I also want to get my dirty little hands (from working outside) on some Casa Blanca lilies. More lilies came to mind last night while I was doing the dishes with the window wide open and I realized that some of the lilies I planted along the fence at the side of the house last year are very visible. This of course now has me wanting to hand wash the dishes rather than shove them in the dishwasher. Before going to sleep last night I was flipping through a magazine which mentioned these lilies and the fact they have a wonderful vanilla scent to them and that is when I realized I must track some down no matter what the cost, even if it is the last thing I purchase this year for my garden. Obsession has now set in. Can you just imagine washing those dishes and having a nice scent like that float in. Hmmm a little piece of heaven I think. Of course the Citronella lilies will be in there amongst the orange and white lilies.

Today one of my co-workers spotted packages of begonias with 2 plants in each marked down to two for $.99 and got them for me. I was so elated thinking of where they would look good when I realized that they may prefer a shady spot. MY bubble busted however I do have one side of the house that seems to be semi-shaded so I am going to try them there and cross my fingers.

I took some pictures but since I have just about used all my allotted space on flicker I will just post this one of the Winnipeg Parks Rose, it is the best anyways.

Garden view june 27,2005 014

I can squeeze one more picture in,

Garden view june 27,2005 017

This looks a little perverse however it is one of the hens & chicks getting ready to bloom.

I will follow up with more photos in a couple of days when I get some space on flicker back.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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