Thursday, June 23, 2005
A nice day
The clouds and rain disappeared overnight and we had a wonderful day here. Tonight I cut the grass as soon as I got home though just in case. If I had to wait another day or so it may of needed a thrasher. However when I started to use the weed eater it was very feeble so I had to give that up in order to re-charge the battery. Mental not made check battery before cutting grass and re-charge if necessary. Oh well not a big problem I pulled out the shears and did all the trimming in the front yard and pulled weeds from the front garden. It sounds like a lot of work but the front yard is pretty small and so is that garden. The majority of yard and the larger gardens are all in the back. While I was pulling weeds I discovered some sage hiding in between the day lilies, I left it there because it smells so nice when I am weeding, this is from the previous owner and I thought I have pulled it all out last year along with the day lilies. Surprise they are both back.

My neighbor's from across the street came over to look at my gardens and chat, as we went through the arch and up the side of the house I was thinking how great this area is going to be once everything starts to grow and bloom. This is going to be an ongoing work in progress for awhile I think but worth it. If I do get the yellow roses that I mentioned the other day I may put them along that side of the house for my anchor plants.

When we got to the back and went through the gate of my arbor they were amazed at the way everything is blooming. It is almost like stepping into another room they said, I can't help but feel pleased about that since I just thought it was me who liked that feeling when I go into that area. I am pleased to report that my Hollyhock has three big blooms on it and the Sunflower has three flowers as well even though the leaves are still pretty droopy. The roses look like they have double in blooms as well. Even though I really suck at taking photos I am going to try and get some decent ones that show the feel of my gardens and then I will post them for all to oh and ah over LOL

Forgive me if I sound like a braggart but this is the best my gardens have ever been and I am really pumped.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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