Saturday, June 18, 2005
Rain Rain and more Rain
I had great plans for this weekend for things I was going to to outside. The main project was to get the small rock garden done in the messy corner at the front of the house. However we have had rain since late Thursday night so it looks like I will be lucky if we even go get the rocks I have lined up. Getting the rocks is actually one of the main things I need to worry about since I drive a little two door car so with I really need the use of the pick-up while it is home this weekend.

With all this rain I am very happy that I came straight home from work an Thursday night and mowed the yard and pulled weeds etc. I purchased a Sunflower plant the other day it was on sale half price ($4.99) and I couldn't resist, I cannot not even tell you how many time I have tried to grow these from seed and had nothing happen. This is a dwarf version so it will only get to be about 3-5' tall. As always nothing is ever simple when it comes to planting something new in the garden. In order to plant this where I wanted it I first had to dig up the Yucca plant because it was not happy there, I think it was getting too much water, so now it is in a clay pot on my deck until I can find a spot where it won't be overwatered. The second chore was to move the iris further back against the corner of the fence in order to fill in the spot where one of the Hollyhocks died. That all completed I pulled a few weeds and planted the Sunflower. This was not as time consuming as it sounds since the ground was soft and there is a lavender plant in there that scented the surrounding area every time I brushed against it while working.

Here it is sitting in the newly tidied up garden area.

June 15, 2005 001

I have to admit that once I was finished planting the Sunflower I stepped back to admire my handy work only to discover that I had planted it with the flower facing toward the fence so I had to dig it up and turn it around.

The rain and sunshine mixture we have been having has done wonders for the gardens and I am happy to report lots of seedlings are sprouting up and one of $6.17 rose bushes I planted by the front arch has developed a bud, this is the red rose bush. The Sunshine rose bush in the back looks wonderful with all the orange buds waiting to open.

Speaking of roses we have a lady who comes into the office every Friday to sell us some fresh eggs and she was admiring the roses on my desk from my garden. We got to chatting and she was saying that when they bought the property the previous owners had lots of yellow rose bushes that she cut right down in order to erect a chicken coop, these all came back and are in the middle of the chickens running around in full bloom. She said that she feels they should go to a better place and will let me know if I can go dig them up for my garden. Horray more roses and only for the cost of a bit of labor.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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