Wednesday, June 22, 2005
This is Summer?
Who turned out the lights? I got home tonight and had plans of going outside to admire and weed the gardens. By the time I ate my dinner the sky started to turn black and within less than three minutes it turned completely black. As I type this I can see a wind tossing about the trees in my neighbors yard and the rain staring to fall. The rain is not coming to hard as of yet but I do believe it will hit us hard any minute.

This is bad I have lights on at 6 pm it is so dark. I thought we were having summer.

On the advice on Sylvana I was brave and went to the nursery which is having the big moving out sale yesterday. I only had 10 minutes in there because they close at 5:30 not 6 like I thought. No problem I grabbed the soil I need for the rock garden 12 pansies, 6 yellow and 6 purple ones, also 3 Lobelia for $.97 each and made my way home.

Oh here are the torrential rains.

The total cost of all this was $13.86 not bad eh? They were all planted about 10 minutes before it rained last night, however I think I have to move the Lobelia as I put them in full sun and I was told today they like some shade. Well they will have to stay put until we get some dry weather. Sad to report the Sunflower does not look very healthy, I don't know if it is getting too much water or not enough. How frustrating I thought for sure when I bought one already going it would be OK.

I now see lightning and the rain is even more intense. I am hoping there will not be any thunder. Also if the Sunflower is getting too much water then it may be toast after this rain storm.

Last night I decided I like the shape my gardens are taking, they are looking more like the Cottage Garden style than I realized. This was done only by accident, when I first started the gardens 2 summers ago I just planted for the fun of it and put plants and seeds into the ground with no particular order in mind, and concentrated on covering the ground with plants of all sorts in various colors, (a trait of mine that drives my friend crazy). Now with the addition of roses,iris and more plants I realize that the garden quiz I took in a gardening magazine was dead on when the results said I was the Cottage Garden type. I had a good chuckle when my neighbor who has the huge Clematis came over to look at my yard, she noticed the nasturtium growing all in a perfect row and knew who had planted them. They are doing great by the way and I can hardly wait for them to bloom.

Also I may have lucked out on bricks to do a path up the side of the house where I am ever so slowly planting the wildflower garden. One of the guys who works in the same office as me has a huge amount of bricks that he and his wife ripped up out of their driveway and yard. I asked him to give me a price and he was going to talk to his wife to see if I can just take them. Wish me luck on this one, free is good but a low price on used bricks is ok too.

Ok now I feel like I am back in Ontario the thunder has started. We seldom get thunder or lightning here, for that matter when I was still debating about moving here I was told there was little rain or snow because it is desert, I was rooked.

Strange weather now all is calm outside again and the sky is brighter. No problem I am going to stay indoors and read other garden blogs and garden magazines as I plot out my next project for the yard.

Planting gardens = Dirty nails = Pretty gardens. The Theory of Gardentivity.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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