Monday, June 13, 2005
To work or not to work
That is a question I have been asking myself since last Wednesday. I sell insurance and in order to do that we must have a license which has to be renewed every two years. In order to renew we must take courses to give us the required credits. Mine was coming due for renewal so I called our head office to verify how many credits I needed if any and was told I only needed 1/2 a credit, that said I went home that night and did a couple of online courses and submitted everything the next day.

This was done the beginning of May and my license was due June 4, I did not think about it again until Wednesday when I got a fax from the Insurance Council of BC 4 days after the expiry date telling me that I need more credits. I called them and was told I can't work until I get the credits and that it will take another 10 working days to process the paperwork. Well Thursday I did paperwork and Friday I took a holiday day. Today I get to sort stuff in the storage area but at least I can wear jeans.

I think I should just book holidays until this is sorted out. I am really mad it took them over a month to let me know I needed more credits and waited until after the expiry date to tell me. Also the fax did not get sent to me until 4 in the afternoon. Ugh the slow wheels of government paper pushing.
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