Sunday, July 24, 2005
And yet more digging
I am insane! This morning we went out to get the rose bushes from my friend who has them all over inside her chicken coop. That was quite a chore there were chickens everywhere and a low netting over the top. I am 5'8" so stooped over I was trying to dig these up without maiming a chicken or getting the handle of the shovel caught in the overhead net. Finally I got about 6 bushes and headed for home. They are in a couple of pails of water and hopefully I can get them planted tomorrow.

I also went to my favorite nursery and purchased some perennials for the side of the house. I got Small's beard-tongue ( pentemon smalli),Torchlight blanket flower ( gaillardia fackelschein), Threadleaf coreopsis ( coerepsis verticilllata moonbeam),pincshion flower, feverfew. Don't get excited I did not all of a sudden learn all the names I have the tabs in front of me. I did manage to plant some but I needed to come in to clean up, eat and do some laundry.

My Black beauty lily and the Lilium arena have both opened so here are the pictures.

The Black Beauty, not what I expected but gorgeous never the less.

And the White Lilium Arena.

Now the only lily I need to seek out is the Casa Blanca because vanilla is my absolute favorite scent, expect for bread baking.

There is so much in bloom right now I cannot even begin to list everything. My sweet peas and hollyhock have both taken a beating from the high winds, I think I am going to have take down most of the sweetpeas and I am hoping I can stake the hollyhock. And joy the sunflower has some new flowers. I am really glad that I planted some yellow flowers arounf in the gardens it seems to bring out the pinks, purples and reds in the other flowers.

Well thats all for now I am going to go and finish watering the front and then kick back with a couple of gardening magazines I just got.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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