Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Garden Chat
I have just taken my nightly stroll through my gardens and of course pulled a few weeds and snapped a few more photos. It is not sunny or raining the weather seems to be trying to make up it's mind what to do. In either case I could be out doing one of a hundred different little jobs but instead I decided to post a blog and some pictures.

It is so quiet outside when the weather is uncertain, no lawn mowers or weed whackers going, it's as if everyone has decided not to start a job they may not be able to finish. Myself I think I will take my little dog and a cup of coffee outside and just enjoy the quiet when I finish this.

These are just random photos in no particular order. The new blooms are on the Black eyed susans, and my balloon flower, some of the portulacas, and various other plants.

Blue Balloon Flower

Garden view july 5,2005 008

Black eyed Susan

Garden view july 5,2005 009

Garden view july 5,2005 010

Garden view july 4,2005 011

My bugle boy which was a birthday present, and hidden under all those sweet peas is my Russian sage, along the front of this I planted alyssum which is just starting to grow.

Just a few photos and now I am going to go and relax outside for a bit and take in the cool air and scents from the flowers.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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