Tuesday, July 19, 2005
I can't decide
I can't decide what I like the most about my gardens in the evenings.

The stillness of it, when all that can be heard are a few crickets and the odd bird. Silence is not totally there yet as the night starts settling in however the mowers and such have been put away. The only gardening sounds to be heard are the gentle swishing noises from sprinklers. People are still working a bit as evindenced from the water peaking over the top of fences at varoius heights and directions, but it is a quiet labor of love.

It could also be the change of the colors in the gardens that so intrique me. The color of the black eyed susan toned down with the descent of the sun so that it is now a different more subdued shade of orange with the black centers being more prominant. Plants with yellow flowers such as the mountain flower and pansies, as well as the yellow roses with their orange tinge, the pinks, reds and purples all take on a sharper tone, and all stand out against the dusty millers,white allysem and baby's breath.

AND THE SCENTS! I cannot tell where one begins or ends the air in the yard is so perfumed, but not overly. I can pick up the scent from the Nicotina and lilies, and as I walk around moving the sprinkler there are some scents that are just there and do not seem to have any source of origin.

It is just a very nice night out and if I had a tent I would put it up smack in the middle of the gardens and enjoy the scents all evening. My guess is that it is times like this that makes all the work and worry worthwhile. I am sure I am not the only person to feel this way but I must admit this is the first year that I am really enjoying my gardens, and having other people share their highs, lows and ideas sure is making this a great summer passion for me.

Show no dirt, keep planting!
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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