Sunday, July 10, 2005
Late Night Garden Visit
I convinced my other half to come into the back garden area on Friday night for a look at the garden. This was around 8:pm and the night was just staring to creep in but still light enough to enjoy the flowers. I ended up pulling out a couple of old blankets to spread on the ground to sit on. This turned into a 3 hour sit down amongst the flower beds where we just relaxed and talked.

This has got to be one of the best times that I have taken to enjoy the fruits of my labor. The evening was cool and quiet and the slight breeze caused the night air to be pleasantly perfumed by the flowers. And although there were some clouds the stars still managed to shine through.

Not much in yard work or gardening was done over the weekend except for a bit of weed pulling and watering. I have taken a picture though of the small garden I started this year. Here is a picture of before.

Here is the after picture taken this morning, it has filled out not too badly with the alyssum and dusty millers along the border. In the center is a purple iris that may or may not be moved, snapdragons, some pansies and petunias, I did plant some Canterbury bells in there but I am not sure if they are coming up or if the seedlings breaking through are some of a seed mixture planted called a Bridal mixture which was to produce a variety of pale pink and purple flowers are starting.

And yes my yard does have a slope to it so when mowing back there I consider it equivalent doing 20 pushups or more.

Also I am still waiting for the two rose bushes in the front to bloom. Here are a couple of pictures of buds in waiting.

The Climbing White Dawn ( almost there but not quite)

The Climbing Dublin Bay.

As you can see I wasn't kidding about doing a bit of weeding over the weekend.
I am thinking of taking some of the alyssum from the garden shown above and transplanting them by these two rose bushes and maybe some pansies just to get this area sharpened up for the rest of the summer. The lavender is doing fine but I want to have some flowers going this year around that area. Patience is not one of my virtues when it comes to my garden.

And a final picture of my pink miniature rose in bloom in the front garden.

A big thank you to oldroses who identified my daughter's hanging basket. Rachel has advised that after putting it in the shade it has survived.

And finally good thoughts to snappy during these hard times over in England.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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