Monday, July 18, 2005
More Pictures and ideas
In response to Zoey here is a picture of the Musk Mellow, it looks pretty much average however the scent is musk and of course these are supposed to self-seed. I'll let you know whether or not they do in the spring.

Also Zoey my plan for the side of the house is to plant all along the both the fence and the side of the house, I just kind of got more going along the fence line first for some reason. I have planted a hardy heavy traffic tolerant woolly thyme in the grass which is suppose to spread killing the grass along the way, it looks pretty lazy to me as there is still a lot of grass and not much spreading. As for the path I am still undecided about using pavers or stepping stones. I did find a web sight that gave directions for making stepping stones, but I already have too much on the go. There are two climbing roses on the arch a red and a white one and in front of each I have planted lavender and behind them Russian sage, my goal is to have a very romantic arch which leads up a path planted with all kinds of different flowers, in fact I hope to transplant some of my excess plants from the back in order to get the area jump started so to speak. I guess we think a lot along the same lines and I am sure the pathway will have a curve as I can't seem to get any straight lines in the gardens no matter how hard I try. You are right about doing a section at a time when I first thought about this I was totally overwhelmed, now however I am putting in the main plants I want and then I will use a lot of seeds, and don't worry there will be lots of pictures.

Here is a picture of the Red Hot lily that opened today.

And a couple of shots of an area I planted this year in the back which is starting to take hold and I noticed there are a few plants with buds on them.

I mowed the yard after work tonight, did the trimming and some weed pulling the results are good and now the watering is being done so that everything will continue to grow.

Speaking of growing my little grandson Zayden is now two months old and is weighing in at 14lbs. Here is a picture of him taken today.

Isn't he just starting to look like a little butterball? And note he has on Vancouver Canucks outfit (that's our hockey team in BC).
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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