Monday, July 04, 2005
As promised here are some pictures of my garden, also as stated I suck at taking pictures but I have picked a few that may give an idea of how my gardens are doing.

This is the main Arch which I am trying to have used as the main gateway into the back yard. In the back ground center in the arch is an Apricot tree.

Garden view july 4,2005 013

As you go right this is the garden which is now on its third year so it is a little more established.

Garden view july 4,2005 002

Notice the Hollyhock in the background it is in full glory now, I put this in late last summer it was a transplant from a neighbor's garden, she gave me two but only one made it. Also the rooster in with the hens & chicks is still teasing me with a promise of bloom.

Here is a view as you now walk around on the path that is being worked on very slowly, this does not look like much at the moment however there are wildflower and other plants making their way through and hopefully they will come up this summer.

Garden view july 4,2005 003

The corner where I planted the sunflower and poppies coming through with weeds as well.

Garden view july 4,2005 005

The dusty miller has bloomed and they really remind me of tiny yellow daisies and did not do much for me they remind me of a weed but what the heck maybe once it really opens up I will enjoy it more. This is what it looks like.

Garden view july 1,2005 007

I have been busy trying to keep up with the grass cutting and the weeding it seems this grand mixture of rain and sun has everything growing like crazy. While I was out there tonight I found little green caterpillars on a lot of plants. Out came the can of bug spray!

And joy the baby's breath has buds waiting to burst open and the black eyed susans are showing the first yellow petals. I LOVE FLOWERS!
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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