Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Under the weeds
After reading Oldroses' comment of the surprises under the big honking weeds I decided that I should show a couple of the ones I found tonight.

Here is what I believe is a Malva and this has come back from last year. I love it when it gets really big and is in full bloom. A friends mother gave me the seeds for this plant about two years ago and I came across them last summer and just stuck them in the ground to see if they would grow. Wow they just took right off.

And this little gem in my front garden was totally buried along with the other miniature rose bush and a bunch of Johnny jump-ups. There are lots of blooms on the rose ready to go, this is the one I felt was not going to survive but maybe the big weed gave it enough coolness to help it along.

One of the pink rose buds.

I am still waiting for the hen & chicks to bloom as well as the two rose bushes in the front. The roses should bloom at the same time I think judging by the look of the buds on each of them. There is a red rose bush on one side of the arch and a white rose bush on the other side, both are climbers but of course they haven't reached that point yet as they only went into the ground this year. Just seeing them develop leaves had me excited but now they are both going to bloom as well. I am looking forward to next year when the lavender and the Russian Sage have grown around that area some more and it starts to fill in. Stay tuned for photos of the roses and the hen & chicks.

Many thanks to Sabine who questioned my logic of just using Flicker and being limited on my uploads. I had began wondering about it myself so I am now using the Blog Image upload. So look out world you may get sick of my pictures.

Also I want to let everyone know that we are not just a bunch compulsive garden photo freaks after all. I was reading an article that advises pictures should be taken of your garden in bloom so that in the spring/early summer you can refer back to them if you are unsure whether or not the plant is an old favorite or a big weed. So you see we are all doing the correct thing here we just didn't know it. The only problem with this theory for me is that I will most likely forget to refer back to my photos and still have to play the wait and see game as I have just done with the Balloon Flower.

It is so nice outside half sunny/half cloudy with a cool breeze so I was out there pulling weeds again. The baby's breath has also started to bloom (about 4 blooms) and as I was weeding in that area I decided that I will find the garden book which gave instructions for taking cuttings from the lavender bush and starting new plants, I will then plant them between the three rose bushes in the back to grow and take their place there after the baby's breath has died away. If I recall it is easy to do and it is worth a try.

Out of all the alyssum I planted I have only one purple plant and it is not even where it should be.

Now here is a comment that was directed at me by a client today when my co-worker and I were talking about my flowers. She told me I should be planting something useful like vegetables. I wanted to tell her flowers are useful because they make most people smile.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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