Thursday, July 07, 2005
Weeding Seeding and Seeing
I took my usual walk outside this evening to check out the hen & chicks. My curiosity is killing me I am getting ansty to see the blooms, however they are still holding back, possibly for a solid day of sun before they open. The black-eye susans are really starting to bloom, the purple balloon flower has three more buds waiting to make the grand entrance, poppies are coming along but have a long ways to go before they bloom, the rose bushes are all blooming again since I cut off the dead blossoms, baby's breath and alyssum etc etc. All in all the whole area seems to of changed since my stroll around last night.

Of course there was some weeding done, I think I have it under control for now as long as I get out there for about an hour a day and pull them as they surface.

And the seeding, BIG SIGH if you have been following my garden season you will remember that I have a galzilion types of seeds. So tonight I planted, planted and planted a whack of them around the back garden, some are annuals, others perennials and stills other biennials so we will watch and see. If none of the annuals grow this year I will at least have some interesting surprises next year. Tomorrow night no matter what the weather I am going to clear more area along the side of my house and spend Saturday planted ever last seed up both the side of the house and the fence, also I am going to plant the begonias that were given to me. Even if it kills me.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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