Tuesday, August 16, 2005
I'm back,Bugs & Rain
Here I am back to the quiet life at least for two weeks until my out of town sisters arrive for the wedding. I have survived the dentist and even though I am on antibiotics for three weeks and am not to be out in the sun too long all is OK there.

The birthday party I threw for my other half on Saturday went really well and the clean up Sunday was not bad. The weather held out and my gardens were awed over. ( I take a bow) The only stressful part that evening was when someone let my dog Lucy out without a lease. I have no idea how long she was out before I discovered it but the search party went out in full force. Lucy the poor thing has never had the pleasure of a fenced yard where she can run, so once out and un-tethered, run she did. About twenty minutes after we discovered the great escape she came tearing through the back gate and dropped panting onto the grass, she was more than happy to go into the house with the air conditioner and cold water to drink.

We have been really lucky this year with the lack of mosquitoes however I have noticed quite a few grass hoppers. Yesterday morning I got into my car to go to work and sitting right in the middle of my dashboard was a big honking grass hopper. These do not concern me but I still wanted it out of the car. Hmmm how to do this without squishing him or having him jump into the back seat? I finally reached into my glove box real slow so as not to spook him, I don't know if they spook but just in case so he wouldn't go hopping into the back seat and got out a couple of napkins, armed as I was I approached him to knock him out of the car, poor thing was half dead I think, however after 3 or 4 swishes with the napkins he did go out the door.

Having been on the run since Friday morning getting everything ready for the party I have not really had time to sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee so first thing this morning I made a pot, turned on my computer and went straight to the blog sites to catch up on everything, fetched the mug of coffee and got all settled in to read the blogs. Ah all is good I am thinking as I go to take the first drink of this freshly brewed coffee. What? What the heck the cream cannot be bad I just got it. What it's moving!! A big damm moth had landed right in my coffee, struggled and then sort of fell apart in it. GROSS. After washing my mug I poured a second cup and enjoyed it while I caught up on my reading.

Many thanks to Sabine for the promised White Mallow seeds, they arrived here on Thursday when I needed them. I had just gotten home from the dentist with the frozen mouth so they were a pick me up. I can hardly wait to plant them.

The birdbath has not made it outside yet as I have to seal the paint and I haven't gotten that far yet. Oldroses I did worry about it blowing over but there is a lip on the bottom that I am going bury in the ground and will use the white rocks from the previous path to help weight it down. I'll keep you posted on the outcome. I am going to put this in where the Sunflower is since nothing wants to grow there.

And finally we have rain. Hopefully enough to compensate the lack of watering my gardens have had the last couple of days.

A picture my friend sent to me of a canyon in California.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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