Monday, August 08, 2005
Just Yacking
I have been checking out all the blogs and I can't believe some of the yards. Yikes and I thought I had lots to do. There are so many plants, hints, and just plain craziness I love it.

I sent away for a catalog of bulbs at which is a Canadian mail order company. This is like giving a child free rein in a candy store. There are so many choices and the prices are right. All of them are Dutch bulbs, there are lilies, iris, crocus, tulips of all sorts of colors and blooms,etc. I have my eye on a package which contains 103 assorted bulbs "The 120 day flowering sampler collection" for the low price of $49.99" I could plant them everywhere, the only thing is 1st I need to list the bulbs in the package and then go through the catalog to be sure they are all zone 3.

The other package that caught my eye is the one with 40 Giant Crocus for naturalizing which I would love to do in the front yard for $19.99.

What you guys don't think I can plant 143 bulbs?

I am really only thinking of the packages because I will never be able to decide what to get. Since it looks like we will be staying here I am thinking all these bulbs would sure get a good start on the side garden.The lots we were looking at are cheap but the cost to get septics, wells etc. is just plain insane.

Yesterday I went out back and while doing some weeding decided I made a big error last summer when I put down white rock to use as a path between two garden in order to weed. First off all I used under them were layers of newspaper which of course I learned this year makes worm lasagna, of course the weeds just kept coming and coming through all these and what a pain to weed since I had to keep moving them in order to get to the weeds. I had enough yesterday so I picked them all out of there, pulled all the weeds leveled the ground, placed thick plastic down and then the resin stepping stones.

The little path went from this; on the right side

To this, a much tidier area. The planter at the end is full of the stones so I am going to put down more plastic around the area on the left and put them there. I think.

This is a Scarlet Ruby Begonia

And the Cosmos gone wild coming up even through the steps. I pulled them all out once this summer.

And hidden in under all the Cosmos is what I believe is a Dahlia.

And finally my marigolds have started to bloom and the poppy is still growing but not blooming yet.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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