Wednesday, August 24, 2005
A Poppy "Finally"
I can't believe it here we are rolling into September and I have just gotten a bloom on my poppy. There were about 30 seeds put into the ground in the same area and only two plants came up and one bloomed.

TA DA my poppy at long last. And my carnation is making a come back as well,those little red and white flowers on the left of the poppy.

Also on my just blooming list are the marigolds.

This is a picture of the same general area that was newly planted this year. I am really happy with how it grew. See my July 18 post More Pictures and Ideas for the before shot.

A temporary home for the birdbath.

Yarrow which was given to me this summer. I planted this in an area by the shed along the fence line as I work my way down creating the allusive side garden. There are four plants the other one in bloom is white.

A shot of my Russian sage that got buried under the sweet peas, there are lots of shoots from this so I will be transplanting a few in various areas, the first being in my corner of shame.

The Winnipeg Parks rose still blooming as well as all my other rose bushes.

A shot of the back corner with all sorts of blooming happening.

I am really quite amazed how well the gardens are doing despite my neglect,I have not been out there doing much, the weeds have slowed down so that I can now just enjoy the beauty and the grass is not growing quite so fast so it is only getting mowed once a week. My friend and I sat out in the back on Sunday and slightly sanded Ronnie the Rambling Ram and put a clear coat on varnish on him so he won't rot. When this started to dry we noticed different shades of color showing through, the prominent one being yellow.

A full body shot of him, pretty good looking for a chainsaw carving.

And a head shot showing some of the detail on him. I'm so glad my neighbor gave this to me.

I was also given a pile of sunflower seeds to plant by a client, he over heard me saying I can't grow them so he gave me some from his very healthy plants and swears they will grow. Tune in next summer LOL.

I split on an order of bulbs from Brecks bulbs with a co-worker so my share will be 50 plus the 10 red lily ones called Red carpet border lilies, described as a flowering carpet of fiery red Asiatic lilies. These grow to a height of 35-45cm. and if I can I will get the picture scanned and post it for all to see. Just in case I did not post enough tonight.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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