Thursday, September 29, 2005
Socks - Love & Hate Them
Socks that is what I bought yesterday at Walmart. This I feel is one of the first signs of winter approaching. I needed some to take on the trucking jaunt last week and discovered I only had two pairs in the drawer, no biggie. That is of course until I got up yesterday and it was cloudy, windy and cool outside and my feet were cold. So off to Walmart I went to buy some socks and light bulbs. The socks were the first things I got then I went around the store and picked up other items. Needless to say that after I returned home and settled into the dimly lit computer room did the light come on that I forgot to buy light bulbs.

I have a love hate relationship with socks. I love putting them on fresh out of the dryer when my feet are chilly and they are still warm, I love the great variety of socks available now from the very serious to the funky ones with toes etc, the cotton socks, nylon, thick, thin, ankle, mid calf, and knee high. I also love the great and cute little socks they have for babies now. Socks are kind of a comfort thing at times though, have you ever noticed that when you are only slightly chilled a pair of socks on your feet warms you up almost instantly and they always seem to go along with a big plate of stew or with soup when the winds and snow are blowing outside?

My sister Jacquie knits socks and some can be seen on her blog Norge Thingy which I am linked to. I have not had the honor of getting a pair of these great socks yet, however I wonder if I made her a pair of PJ bottoms if that would help persuade her to send me a pair.

I hate socks after having them on all day and they come off my feet with my shoes and/or boots the second I come in from work. I also hate them when they are wet, tight or so loose that they need to be pulled back into a comfortable fit all the time, or they have holes.

The saddest part about socks is that when you have to start wearing them again you know that the summer has truly come to an end once again. Ah I can't wait for next summer when I can once again run around in bare feet through the yard while I garden. Although putting socks back on again can be a good thing since my feet get pretty rough by the end of the summer so now I can put lotion on them and pull the socks right on and in a day or two they will still be ugly feet but at least they will be soft ugly feet again.

Here is a picture of a pair of socks my sister made. (Pirated from her site)Don't they make you want to have a cup of tea and read or watch a movie on a cold day?

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