Monday, September 26, 2005
Here I am back from a full week on the road with my other half. I went out in the rig for a week and I know that is not a life for me, and how they do it is a wonder in itself.

Bathroom breaks are few and far between so when we did stop for something to eat my coffee intake was minimal and I made sure I went before we left just for good measure.

The trip took us to Northern Alberta where the air is certainly telling everyone that winter is on the way. Lots of wildlife spotted up there as well. We saw deer, Elk, Caribou who look like they are floating because their black legs are barely visible in the early evening, moose and a coyote. Also spotted was a black bear and I could not believe that people are stupid enough to get out of their cars and approach the bear to try and get a photo!

Although this should not shock me either we actually had someone stop in front of us on the highway, then make a left hand turn from the inside lane. He was lucky to get away with that because there is no way the truck could of stopped in time to avoid hitting him. Riding along for the week really made me open my eyes to some of the really dumb moves people do on the road, such as passing on double solid lines going around a curve only to see another vehicle there and if they are trying to pass a rig with a trailer or two they have no place to go. Scary stuff.

Here is a picture of the truck I was in.

My name is on the passenger door, so it must be true love LOL.

I wish I had taken the camera with me the scenery was awesome with the mountains covered in yellow,red and green trees.

A picture of Mount Robson taken awhile ago but still awesome.

Now it is time for me to go and do some yard work since it has been a week as well as the weather is perfect for it today.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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