Monday, October 24, 2005
This is Fall?
Wow I cannot believe it will be November soon and I was outside cutting my grass and looking at all the new buds on my plants. I had no plans on cutting grass my main goal was to clean up the front garden and move some of the day lilies. That chore was accomplished and I then moved some rocks to the area where I planted the Lilac bushes to protect them from cars. Due to the pot holes on the road in front house because of the water problem people have been driving up onto the grass to get around them. Now I have big rocks around the bushes to help keep those jerks off my lawn. A fence would be great but the propane people have to be able to get to the tank.

I transplanted some of the day lilies and made some space for the new bulbs that are on the way, cleaned up the yard at the side of the house that is slowly getting planted. While working in that area I had a brainstorm, since I have 60 bulbs coming that I am going to plant most of them in that area in a staggered fashion and then come spring I will plant all around them with other flowers. My thoughts on this is that the bulbs will or should give me a good basis to get me motivated in that area. My planting plans are to naturalize the crocus and daffodils in the front yard. That leaves me with 41 assorted bulbs from the package I am sharing with my girlfriend so I should be able to space them out nicely. I also ordered 10 Red Carpet Border Lilies that will bloom in late summer, those will be planted at the front of the arch area (5 to a side) I think. They are going to be used to create some kind of path way leading to the garden on the side. The other project for next season is to get a couple of wood benches hammered together and place them along that area for sitting on, they will just be plain benches that I am going to leave to the weather.

After doing all this clean up I noticed the grass, (with blooming dandelions,the little yellow devils), needed to be cut so I did that as well. It has been awhile since I spent the day outside doing yard work and I can feel every muscle I have screaming at me. It was such a nice day out there today and I worked with just a long sleeve shirt on, which was kind of dumb because when I finally called it quits I was totally chilled to the bone and had a wind burn on my face. A good hot shower and a bowl of leftover beef stew hit the spot though.

I then turned my attention to sewing.

"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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