Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Buying a Computer
My guy got a new computer on Friday with one of these great LCD monitors. This of course now makes me using my own a complete drag. However with him gone all week I can use his. I spent most of last week shopping and comparing prices, finally settling on one, a computer bundle from Staples. Having spoken to a young salesperson there I inquired as to whether or not they would accept his credit card # from him over the phone since he had just left and was told not a problem. I got home and managed to catch him on his cell before he was in a no service area and then proceeded to go back up to Staples. Of course then I had to deal with someone different who said no way they can take a credit card # over the phone. Of course I had thought it was strange that they would so that was not what got me going, it was the fact that I was given the wrong info earlier and made a second trip. Then of course I am told that the sale was ending that night. After explaining that my guy drives truck and wouldn't be back until Friday I was given a handwritten note stating that the offer would be honored until then. Perfect.

Along came Friday, the truck needed to go into the shop for service which we figured would only take an hour or so. Wrong the truck was there from 8am to 3pm and the snow started coming down. However we did get up to Staples and purchased the computer which took us another hour. It took roughly another hour to set it all up, having to follow plugs and wires from the previous computer over and under the desk. Of course I had clean the desk where everything had been sitting. I have to admit I love the plug and play system. Finally everything was set up and we turned on the power. My magic cursed touch then appeared on the monitor, there it was a defective piece of hardware, on the right side of the screen was a stripe about 3" of a pale green that was not going away. We used the system over the weekend anyways since we needed to transfer info from the old one onto it.

You would think that this was the end of the story but having snowed all day Friday and being busy with the computer I did not use my car on Saturday which was a nice warm day. Sunday after he left for work again I disconnected the monitor to take it back for a replacement and went out to my car figuring I would be out of the house maybe 30 minutes or so. The warm weather on Saturday had melted some of the snow on my car but when the temperature dropped through the night it froze the snow. Yep thats right I now had 3-4" of ice on my car, so 20 minutes later I had managed to defrost and de-ice it enough to drive. Once up at Staples there was no problem exchanging the monitor only it took me about an hour because there was only one person working in the computer section so I had to wait. All is good now though.

The next step is replacing the big desk we have in this room. It is huge and takes up most of this room, as well as when we are both in here using our computers I sit at the end where there is a bank of drawers and being 5'8" this does not give me any leg space. We did see what we want so yesterday I put an ad in the Buy,Sell and Trade to get rid of this old desk. And of course now I need to save my pennies so that I can buy a new montitor. I just seen a 19' LCD at Staples on Sunday for $377.00. Hmm maybe Santa will be kind to me.
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