Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Closing In

Well here it is November 15 and Christmas is closing in fast and all thoughts are starting to lean toward it. For some of us baking all the goodies and buying presents are probably right there consuming our free thoughts as we mentally figure out how and when to do everything. For others (and you know who you are) Christmas crafts and baking have already begun. I am one of those people how seem to put things off as long as possible then two weeks before the big event you will find me in my kitchen making pounds and pounds of peanut brittle. A few years ago I started to make peanut brittle to give away as gifts for friends and at one point I had 20 or so people practically lined up at the door waiting for it. Finally when it got to the point where I was having to start making it in October I said enough is enough. There is now only about 9 people on the list. You can find the recipe on the site my daughter set up (Oldroses inspired us) at familyfoodfavorites There will be some other treat recipes added there soon as well.

Also closing in is winter. The last few days I have noticed snow on the mountains around me. The snow kept getting lower and lower, well surprise when I opened the door this morning to let my dog out the snow is coming down. This means I should of gotten the BBQ and the wooden park bench into the shed on the weekend, now I will have to wrap them both in plastic to protect them until the weekend when I have someone to help me carry the two of them to the shed. The other thing I tend to do every year is forget to dig out the extension cord for my car so that when the temperature drops I can plug the baby in. Last year after not being able to locate the brush/scraper for my car windows last year during a big snowfall (in fact I had to go buy one) I was smart enough to just leave it in the trunk on my car after last winter. This was really a sad sight. Here it was colder than ............. With a semi blizzard coming down and I had no way to clean the snow or ice off my card,so using my hands I cleared the snow from the windows and I finally pulled my bank card out of my purse and used it as an ice scraper on the windows. And yes it stilled worked after that. Guess I had better dig out the snow shovel from the shed today as well.

Here is a recent picture of my grandaughters wearing the aprons I made for them. Ivy is the oldest hugging her baby sister Chelsey. *This picture was pirated from my daughter Rachels' blog*
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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