Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Stop the Insanity

After reading Zoey's blog about doing a cookie exchange I got to thinking how crazy we sometimes get this time of the year.

For example on Saturday my sister called and asked that I take her shopping as she does not have a car. Agreeing to pick her up at around 10:30, we first head off to her bank and then into Zellers (a Canadian version of Walmart but smaller) where she finds some of the items she needs. We then venture into yet another strip mall to Canadian Tire which of course is now a nightmare as it is around 1. Parking at the far end of the parking lot we head into the store and accomplish what we went in there for.

I am an early morning person and usually get out of bed somewhere between 5-6am but I slept until 9 this morning. So needless to say there was no breakfast before this outing and by the time we got out of the store my stomach was wondering if my throat had been cut. We made a stop to a little fish & chip place to re-fuel. Then off again into a dollar store and a grocery store. There was no parking at all so I parked across the street and we walked. While in the dollar store my sister decided that her and her husband needed Christmas stocking. This is when I opened my big mouth and said "Buy some felt and I will make them". She just happened to have a gazillion yards of it at home, and she does not even sew or do crafts. By the time we finished all this and I had a much needed couple of coffees at her house I got back to my place around 5:30 where I proceeded to make dinner. Then I decided to I would make 2 batches of peanut brittle since I still needed to do 5 more. Once started however I did 5 batches that night just to be done with it all.

Sunday my legs were so sore and tired I did not get the stockings done. I did make them yesterday as well as four Christmas placemats.

I have now packed up all the Christmas materials and crafts so that I can concentrate on wrapping gifts and having a day or so to relax.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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