Wednesday, February 22, 2006
How to Beat Winter Blah's
Hi I know it has been awhile but it took me a bit to get used to being at work again. I am half way through the 3rd week of training (there are 7+ weeks) and I think I am finally getting it. When the traning is done I will be one of the friendly voices that answers calls for a major credit card company, not the nasty one that calls to tell you that you did not pay. I actually wonder how those people do it, that has got to be very stressful.

A week and a half into training I managed to catch a flu bug and had to drag myself to work Thursday and Friday, spent all weekend on the couch or in bed, repeated the drag myself to work again Monday and Tuesday. Very happy to report though I feel much better today.

When I got home yesterday I was so tired and kind of blue, however when I went to the mailbox I discovered 3 seed catalogs. Oh Joy, I took a big mug of green tea with me into my bed and looked through them all and for about the millionth time re-planned my gardens. Now that has got to be a very timely mail delivery. The blues dissolved as soon as I seen them.

I had a birthday at the beginning of February and my girlfriend made me sign for my garden with her new woodburning tool. Photo to follow shortly, I promise.

Oh here is something that is going to undermine my paycheque come the spring. Right behind where I work is my favorite nursery. This is where I bought all those wonderful lilies last summer as well as a many other plants. I will probably be very happy that my lunch is only a half an hour and that some of my shifts will be 2pm to 11pm.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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