Friday, February 03, 2006
Seed Catalogs

Yahoo! I finally received the seed catalog that I ordered eons ago and must admit that even though it is interesting I am a little disappointed with the quality of the pictures.

Don't get me wrong I have already looked through it twice and it only got here Wednesday afternoon, the problem started when I got tired of waiting for it. On Wednesday morning I was wanting a seed catalog so bad that I went in search for Vesey's. Not only did I order a catalog from them I spent the majority of the day on the internet looking at everything the have to offer while I made bread. I have been reading about Vesey's on various blogs but you know how it is somethings take awhile to sink in and then bamm you can't believe you didn't check it out sooner. I am hoping the catalog will be as fun as their site.

I also ordered another seed catalog but can't remember from where.

We have been having whacky weather it was so nice here yesterday I had all the windows opened while I cleaned the house. While doing that I had to keep telling myself that this is still February and not time yet for me to go and start messing around in the yard.

I see why now everyone orders the seed catalogs early, I am sure it will help take the "I want to garden NOW feeling" down to a less stressful state once they get here and I can go through them and plot and plan what to order and where to plant.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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