Sunday, May 21, 2006
Computers & Flowers
Yahoo I finally have my own computer back up and running again after having it shut down for a good month or so. We were going to buy a replacement last week through the local college however in order to do so the orderform had to be faxed with the credit card number on it. Now there is no way I was about to send a credit card number on a fax, after all who know where it might end up, and now that I am working at American Express and see some of the troubles people have with fraud I am even more leery. Anyways on Friday we decided to take it into a repair place so they could have a look at it before deciding whether or not to buy a new one. I am sure glad we did because it was just the power supply and the bill came to $150.00 which is a lot cheaper than buying a new one. I was so excited to finally have it fixed that I hooked it up right away and was all set to blog only to discover I needed a new mouse as well. Sigh.

Everything is up and running now and the pictures of my garden are going into a folder that I can easily locate, so I went out early last night to take a few of my iris.

I did nothing yesterday as I was sick with a flu bug and it was raining, finally. I hurried inside and cleared the pictures from my camera deciding that I would go back out and take a few more because I wanted to show off the Apricots on my tree. Guess this is the weekend to have things replaced. As I carefully lined up a beautiful shot of the tree bearing all of it's wonderful fruit the camera beeped and flashed a "Replace Batteries" message. Well still feeling not quite up to par the batteries were put on hold.

The rain was great for the yard and the sunshine which followed in the evening did wonders to get things blooming.

These I can see from my kitchen window as I am slaving away doing dishes. And notice the lily coming back up to the left of the Iris

In the back yard.

Along the back fence.

The Johnny jump-ups have filled in an area in a part of one of the back gardens as well along with the black-eye Susans,pansies and numerous other flowers. One of the rose bushes has buds on it as well. It is very nice to see things coming back to life.

I finally went to Walmart on Thursday and purchased an edger to help with the work in the side garden which I am very happy to announce is really finally starting to take shape. If I had not been sick yesterday I would of went out last night and worked out there while the ground was soft and the air was fresh and cool. Also while it was pouring rain yesterday I was wishing I had gone outside on Friday and planted seeds.

Missing in action this year is my bleeding heart, it took me a few days to figure out what was wrong in the area I have planted around the lilac bush then I realized that the bleeding heart which normally blooms at the same time did not come back this year.

Still on the MUST do list is get the arches back up for the climbing roses,get the border done along the side garden, make some wooden benches,hopefully sand and re-stain my wooden chairs and a bench. I am also thinking of re-defining some of the borders in the back gardens since I am finding the shape of some of them makes it difficult for mowing the grass.

Here is a picture of a purse my daughter bought for me on Friday, it is kind of funky and will also hold my lunch for work. A late mother's day gift.

"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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